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Heritage Home Restored

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http://hagsoc.org.au/?a=buy-ampicillin-in-the-UK You may remember seeing this beautiful property featured in the Ottawa Citizen back in January 2017. It was all about the former Mayor Greenberg’s home that was completely restored. Well restored it was and we were there to enhance the beauty of each room!

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http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=order-bactrim-online-Australia As you can see, the exterior has an old-style charm. In working with the demands of todays’ society, we were responsible for creating an updated look and contemporary style that would appeal to the broadest market.


http://hagsoc.org.au/?a=bactrim-buy-US-online That was absolutely achieved, as you can see, and we did it while working with some of the traditional-style accents that remained in the interior.

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amoxil cheap Australia Flowing from room to room, this home oozes warmth, richness and, most of all, functionality. Mission accomplished!

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